The Paleochronology Building Workshop II is a hands-on workshop on the production of robust and reliable chronologies for palaeoecological records, dated using radiocarbon and other types of absolute dates. The workshop will cover details on dates, different approaches to age-modelling, and through practical computer sessions we will discuss, learn and practice with some of the latest software in age-depth modelling.

Themes to be covered include radiocarbon and 210Pb dating, producing chronologies, combining multiple sources of dating, quantifying chronological uncertainties, and performing simulations to explore how dating decisions affect age-model precision and accuracy. 

We are applying for funding to cover parts of the participation of early-career scientists or those from developing countries - since applications are pending we cannot guarantee any such financial assistance. 


Maarten Blaauw, (Queens U. Belfast, UK)
Marco Aquino, (Queens U. Belfast, UK)
Paula Reimer, (Queens U. Belfast, UK)
J Andrés Christen, (CIMAT, Mexico)